Sunday, March 18, 2007

Antique Blogs form the bottom of the Web

They are antique blogs deep under the Web buried by thousands and thousands of newly created pages. No body know they exits except their owners - even search engines don't. The fate of their owners are also unknown. Their owner just created the blogs and never came back, never looked back. They are left by themselves deep under the darken World Wide Web where no search engines could reach and no humans could discover them. How pitiful they are.

And yet, one of them was accidentally discovered by me.

Here it is, please welcome the antique blog:!

Its first and last post was dated May 20, 2002. This blog still features prominent blogspot logo and a check with source code reveals that it's a must to display “I Power Blogger” button on the blog page according to the terms of service. Below is the screen shot.

If you are the owner of this blog, please contact me. If you know other "antique" blogs, please let me know. I would like to feature them in my blog.


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