Sunday, March 18, 2007

Six Reasons Why You Should Love MyBlogLog

Recently I joined MyBlogLog - a wonderful blog community which let you connect with other MyBlogLog users. You'll notice that there is a widget box labeled "Recent Readers" which is full of avatars in my side bar. This is the face wall from MyBlogLog whereby you can see all the MyBlogLog users who visited your blog. It's a very cool feature!

Joining MyBlogLog is free and easy involving just a few steps. If you haven't heard of MyBlogLog before, I advice you to join it. I promise you that you will be better off joining. Your visitors count will definitely increase!

Here is the six reasons why you should love MyBlogLog.

1. If you want to know who visited your blog, MyBlogLog is a good place to start with. You just need to register, cut and paste MyBlogLog widget. Every MyBlogLog users' avatar who visited your site will registered and shown up on your page, even if they don't have a blog or they are using other blogging service different form you. If you think that some avatars are offensive, you can prevent them form appearing on your blog too.

2. It can help you in maintaining the relationship with your blog visitors. Maintaining the relationship with your visitors is the most important part in getting your royal readers. When a reader visit your blog, you can always visit their blog in return of their favor and do a simple thing such as leaving messages for them. This kind of interaction can help grow bonds between your blog and your readers.

3. MyBlogLog is a social networking service for bloggers just as MySpace and Friendster. You can create communities so that other like minded users can join yours. Other users can send private as well as private messages to you. You can make friends with them, get admired or become an admirer. In your profile page, you can display various IM IDs. It gives you another way of communicating with your readers other than on the Blog pages or through MyWebLog communities.

4. MyBlogLog provides useful analytics which can track your inbound and outbound links, referrers URL, most visited pages and etc. Tracking outbound link which can server as independent tool to verify data provided by other tracking services especially from advertisement providers.

5. MyBlogLog has recently tweaked the rules for MyBlogLog communities. You are not allowed to join more than 15 communities, add more than 15 new contacts and send more than 5 co-author requests in a day. MyBlogLog also patched a security holes in cookies which let some users impersonate as other users. So you won't face such abuses anymore.

6. As a future plan, MyBlogLog hinted that they may disallow users form using r-rated avatars. Currently some users are using such avatars to trick other users into visiting and becoming a member of their communities. Hopefully MyBlogLog will become a better place for simple users like you and me.


Fabian said...

Hola, estoy promocionando un meme para incrementar la participación en nuestras comunidades en mybloglog, te invito a participar al igual que a todos los lectores del blog.

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