Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AGLOCO makes money online!

Ever heard of AGLOCO? AGLOCO is the company that claims they'll pay you while you surfing Internet. Too good to be true? Yes, some say so. No, some claim. So what is your take? To find out, I have listed a few import things you should know.

What is AGLOCO?
AGLOCO is a web2.0 start-up company based in US. AGLOCO stands for “A Global Community”. AGLOCO was launched a few months ago and its popularity among web2.0 users is ever increasing.

Why is AGLOCO so popular?
AGLOCO is popular because it pays members for surfing Internet. It pay members for helping AGLOCO grows by referring members to AGLOCO too.

How does AGLOCO earn money?
To describe in a simplest description, AGLOCO earns money from their affiliates programs. AGLOCO website lists several sources of their revenue – earning from search engine for members using Viewbar to search Internet, earning from advertising displayed by Viewbar, earning commissions from customers referral to businesses, earning from distribution activities such as software distribution, service distribution and product distribution.

Why does AGLOCO pay you?
Since you can generate money while surfing Internet, AGLOCO will pay you a share of the the earning back to you. AGLOCO will also pay you if you refer members to AGLOCO.

What do you need to do to start earning money from AGLOCO?
Its really simple. You just need to sign up for the service, download AGLOCO Viewbar and surf the Internet for minimum five hours per month with Viewbar. Once five hours limit is up, you can turn off the Viewbar. You can also earn more money by referring people to them. What I like about view bar is that it features privacy, spyware and phishing protection, instant messaging, voice communications and many other functions.

How does AGLOCO address your Privacy Policy concern?
I believe AGLOCO have an excellent Privacy Policy. Below are the excerpts from their privacy policy page.

“AGLOCO's Privacy Policy and information practices are based upon the eight principles of Fair Information Practices first issued by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 1980.”

“We do not give, sell, rent, share, or trade any identifiable personal information regarding our members to any third party, with the exception of third-party contractors and service providers who work with AGLOCO to provide the Viewbar and other services, and who are strictly prohibited from later use of the information that they may have access to. We will disclose personal information to local, state, or federal law enforcement officials when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.”

“ adheres to the principle that the collection of personal information should be limited to that obtained through fair and lawful means and only with the knowledge and consent of the data subject.”

Furthermore, AGLOCO's Chief Privacy Officer Ray Everett-Church is one of the co-authors of “Internet Privacy for Dummies” too.

Is AGLOCO a scam?
The rumours about AGLOCO scam is definately wrong.Previous version of AGLOCO had helped millions of users if not billions of users to earn money. Here comes AGLOCO again, for you.

Enough of AGLOCO for now. Now it's time for you to decide whether to join AGLOCO.

Whatever your decision is, always remember AGLOCO, a Global Community that is owned by its members.


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