Sunday, April 22, 2007

Want a Free Graphic Redesign? Review TheThinking Blog!

If you are thinking of revamping graphic design of your website. Here is a good opportunity for you. The Thinking Blog is having a review contest ; the best review winner will be getting a free blog re-design worth $2000 ($2000!) and a backlink. A free favicon design worth $20 is for the second best review and everybody else gets a linkback from his blogger buzz featured blog.

You might be asking why I should get the redesign from him! How good is he? Well a picture tells a thousand words. His blog will tell a million words. Just visit his blog and see how he has improved the looks and feels of his blog in terms of drawing readers attention and its readers friendliness. And don't forget that just by reviewing you will get a link back from a blog featured in blogger buzz.

Isn't it amazing? So what are you waiting for. Give him the best review and get your re-design done.


Carl said...


You’ve got a great blog out there ;) I’m Carl, a 14 year old blogger from Philippines. I blog at

I’ve been on your blog because one of my friends referred you to me. And, I must say, your posts were pretty good.

Another thing I noticed is that you are promoting your blog through “review blogs for a linkback” I am offering that on my blog too :D If you want to join you can check it out here: currently has a Pagerank of 4 and has a Technorati ranking of 4,730 that grows everyday (REALLY!) not only that. My blog also has an Alexa ranking of 60K!

So it’s up to you to make a decision. It will only take few minutes to do a review right? But with a whopping reward of a thousand!

So, good luck. Keep on blogging

Carl Ocab

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