Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blog Review for

Jason Neuman left a comment on one of my previous blog review and invited me to give him a review for his review-me-for-a-link. He is giving back a short review and a linkback for every full review he received.

JakelDaily writes about "investing, cars, family, the net, technology,current events, and basically anything else" to make money online. He is on right track to become a dot com mogul and already received a total of seven batches for his review campaign. That's a good number considering that some review campaigns can only draw ten reviews after a few months running.

If you are wondering how much he is getting from his blog monthly, you will be disappointed to know that he won't be revealing his earnings until his blog is six months old. So until then we can only guess his income.

Well, I got a very good idea for Jason. He could create to a contest to correctly guess his blog sixth month revenue.

Hi Jason, if you decided to do that, don't forget to write a full review for me... thanx.. ;D.


Jason Neuman said...

thanks for the review I have exchange the favor on batch 7. Yes I will let you know if I decide to do what you mention and of course give credit.

me.Blog said...

Hi Jason,

u r welcome..
waiting for ur short review to appear on ur blog... : )

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