Saturday, March 17, 2007

Submitting me.Blog to Search Engines

Last week I submitted my me.Blog to three most used search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search. Submitting to search engines is the next logical step for me to do after I have successfully created this

You can shorten waiting time of your blog before search engines index it by submitting your blog to search engines. Getting indexed by search engines is the most important factor for getting traffic. Search engines crawl through the Web for pages to index following links after links. Internet users use search engines to search for information they want. If your blog is not listed in search engines, Web user's won't have a chance to know that your blog exists, thus there will be no traffic from search engines.

Since search engine crawlers crawls through the web following links, theoretically you don't need to submit your blog to search engines. One day search engines will find out your blog and index it. But notice the time period “one day”. You don't know when will your blog be indexed. So it's a better idea take the matter in your own hand and do the manual submission. In this way, my blog has a better chance of getting indexed than waiting for that “one day”.

But bear in mind that getting indexed is not enough for you to get traffic for your blog. Getting indexed means that search engines knows that your blog exists and will be listed in the search result if user's search query match your site. But your blog may be listed in the 100th page of the search result for that particular term and there is no chance that any users will click your blog to get the information they want. To avoid this kind of situation, blog must have a good search engine ranking. But improving search engine ranking is a different matter from search engine submission all together. I'm not going into this for now.

Even though submitting the blog is such a crucial task, performing the task is relatively simple.

Submitting to Google

To submit to Google, just go to After submitting your blog at Google Add URL, your can make use of its Webmaster Tools at to improve or verify your blog's indexing status by Google. You can also use Google's advanced search operator “site:” to verify if your blog is in Google's index. Just type in site:yoururl into the Google's search box.

Submitting to Yahoo

Submitting to Yahoo Search is free and easy too. Just go to and follow the instructions. You can add a META tag provided by Yahoo to authenticate your blog and to get faster indexing. To verify your blog indexing status, type in your blog URL into the search box at and make a search.

Submitting to MSN

To submit to MSN so that MSNbot can index your blog, go to and submit your blog URL. Using MSN's search operator “site:”, you can verify your blog's indexing status by MSN too.

Generally, it'll take a few weeks for a website to get indexed after submitting to search engines. Since my submission was just a week ago, I don't expect any crawlers to visit me.Blog yet.

After a few month, if visit this post again and click the links below, you could witness how search engines have indexed me.Blog.

To see me.Blog indexing status by Google, click

Click to see how me.Blog is being indexed by Yahoo.

To search me.Blog indexing status by MSN, click


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