Friday, March 9, 2007

Introducing me.Blog...

This post is my first post at me.Blog.

Being the first post, I’ll introduce myself and tell you what kind of posts you’ll be reading in this blog in the future.

I'm a blogger form Myanmar currently based in Singapore, simple minded with a liking to learn new things. And now blogging is a new thing for me. Although I have a blogger account since November 2005, I was not able to blog frequently. It was only in February 2007 that I decided to take blogging seriously and created this me.Blog. To improve my blogging experience, I'm also learning JavaScript, XML, CSS, JSON, AJAX and etc.

Essentially, this blog is just another me which exists in parallel universe of World Wide Web. It will be about me and anything which interests me, with topics ranging from blogging, blogging tips and tricks, CSS, AJAX, JSON, search engine optimization to politics, making money.

Even though this me and this blog exit in different universes, we have a very strong interaction between each other.

This will be all about me.Blog for now. Enjoy!


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